Welcome to MiniMelly Talks

Welcome to MiniMelly Talks

About It

What the who is MM??

Started from '86 T'was a cold winter that 86! And it was about to get real fresh! Minimelly dropped on the scene and it was pretty much the greatest Christmas gift there ever was!   

What it is

The day to day, of the day to day, on the day to day, in the day to day of MM! It's hard to keep up sometimes so I gotta write this all down! 


Always be closing! You want to run with us, you'll make every effort to keep up! And we want you to! Squad up because its gonna get real!!!!!      

Lace up babes! you're in for the run of your life!

Drop us a line! We don't grow if we don't know! So share what it is or what is isn't!